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Enotek Group takes the lead in the new track of intelligent logistics with North American advantages, escorting Chinese enterprises going overseas!

Mar 10,2023


At the end of 2022, with the relaxation of quarantine policies and support from local governments, more and more Chinese companies and brands began to go out and explore wider overseas markets. "Going overseas" has become one of the hottest topics recently.

At the end of 2022, with the relaxation of quarantine policies and support from local governments, more and more Chinese companies and brands began to go out and explore wider overseas markets. "Going overseas" has become one of the hottest topics recently.

However, from the perspective of the development of the offshore industry in the past, the offshore industry not only means new business growth, but also brings new challenges and changes to the organization and management of enterprises. In the face of overseas culture, language, policy, and business philosophy that are completely different from those at home, how to overcome the incompatibility of domestic enterprises with "Chinese advantages" is the first step to set sail.


In 2023, on the other side of the ocean in the United States, Enotek Group, as one of the earlier ones, has gradually walked out of a road suitable for its own development after nearly 10 years of layout and precipitation. At present, Enotek Group has established a complete sales network and system covering the United States, and has become the leading enterprise providing intelligent logistics full link solutions for consumer goods, e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing fields.

Recently, the general manager of Enotek Group US subsidiary Terry Huang and the marketing manager of Enotek Group US subsidiary Mike shared their exploration and thinking in the process of exploring overseas markets. Stone from other mountains can be used to attack jade The development of Enotek Group in the US market provides a model for domestic companies that are or will soon go overseas.


You need to be prepared for a wild ride

China's e-commerce has been on the sea for 20 years and experienced three generations of evolution. From looking for overseas distributor channels through the Canton Fair and Shenzhen Fair in the early days, to relying on overseas eBay, Amazon and other platforms for B2C transactions a few years ago, until now, enterprises skip all kinds of middlemen and build their own B2C platforms, Chinese enterprises have been making strategic adjustments along with the market changes.


Terry Huang, general manager of Enotek Group 's U.S. subsidiary

The only original intention of these changes is to save costs and improve profit margins. On the other hand, these changes also expose enterprises to some new work content and risks. For example, enterprises need to operate the whole process from front end to back end and terminal by themselves, and they need to understand logistics, warehousing, finance and local laws and regulations and other fields. Otherwise, there will be many unnecessary detours.


-- Terry Huang

However, it is difficult to avoid detours for companies lacking experience in the sea. Over the years, Enotek Group has seen a number of similar situations play out. In a recent case, a Chinese company planned to build a warehouse system in the United States, but it could not install the customized storage equipment because it did not fully understand the local industry norms, and the height, weight and installation methods did not match the local standards in the United States. However, if dozens of cabinets of equipment are shipped back to China, it will be a huge loss in terms of capital and project cycle.


The company turned to Enotek Group USA for help. Based on the rich experience in the local market, Enotek Group USA has designed, planned, built and implemented a series of schemes such as the whole warehouse layout, material circulation path, storage method, and automatic system for incoming and outbound warehouses. Meanwhile, it has obtained various licenses from the local storage industry in a short time, greatly improving the storage utilization rate and operation efficiency. It also helps customers shorten the pre-preparation cycle.

Through more than ten years of accumulation, we have taken root in the American market. Enotek Group now operates in 15 states in North America and has built close relationships with integrators and other robotics companies while expanding its network across the continent. Enotek Group is happy to use its rich experience and complete network in the US market to help customers quickly find solutions and services suitable for the US business development, and help customers fully integrate into the US market.

-- Terry Huang


In 2023, the offshore winds are blowing even harder. Terry Huang also reminds more and more Chinese enterprises looking for new growth curves overseas that "going overseas is not a simple leap". There are still many problems to be solved in the process of going overseas. Only by making full preparations can they go further in overseas markets.

Create a way to go overseas that suits your own development

In the process of expanding overseas territory, the United States, as the world's largest demand country, has attracted the attention of countless enterprises. The challenge of entering the US market is also clear.


Mike, marketing manager for Enotek Group 's U.S. subsidiary

Mike told the reporter that since the United States is a federal country, each state has certain differences in terms of legal provisions, management methods and business environment, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty for enterprises who need to know local regulations and industry standards. Secondly, labor unions in the United States are very strong. In order to protect workers' employment opportunities, they will resist the implementation of automation technology in many industries, resulting in low efficiency, lack of competitiveness and other knock-on effects.


Take the logistics and warehousing industry as an example. The United States, as the world's second largest e-commerce market, has more than 300 million consumers. However, the logistics system behind it is very inefficient, low degree of automation, and labor shortage has become the most prominent problem in the industry.


Since entering the US market in 2013, Enotek Group has gradually stepped out of a path suitable for its own development by integrating the advantages of China and the US.


More than 95% of our employees are local, creating a core team of fully localized marketing and service professionals with rich industry experience. In the scope of business, Enotek Group US company adhere to warehouse handling and intelligent storage equipment sales, as well as project planning, implementation of "two legs" walk. "As a full chain intelligent logistics solution provider, Enotek Group is able to provide customers with advanced products and services, and independently complete integration landing and project delivery in the local area." According to Mike, the current focus of Enotek Group is to advance the automation market by providing customized solutions. In addition, through both dealer and end customer projects, Enotek Group is committed to providing the majority of Chinese overseas enterprises with one-stop, cost-effective services from design, installation, commissioning, after-sales to local license application, to help the development of enterprises in the United States.


At present, Enotek Group 's local customers in the United States are mainly international well-known supermarkets and large logistics companies with high automation level. So far, it has helped customers successfully land nearly 30 projects in the fields of consumer goods, e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing, "and in the project completion cycle, cost performance and other aspects, Enotek Group is far better than local American enterprises." Mike admits. Taking the automation implementation project of a large household appliance manufacturing enterprise as an example, it only took 3 months for Enotek Group to complete the design, implementation and final debugging, which greatly improved the ROI of customers.

New opportunities, blue oceans set sail again

The Logistics IQ report forecasts that the global warehouse automation market will grow at a compound annual rate of 11.7% between 2019 and 2025; The global warehouse automation market will reach $27 billion by 2025. In recent years, due to the impact of COVID-19, labor shortages, soaring freight rates, rising storage rents and other factors, the U.S. logistics and warehousing system is facing a window period of accelerated upgrading.


For example, when the pandemic hits the "pause button" for social production, factories and logistics systems still need to operate to provide basic security for people. To some extent, this has promoted the application of IoT, remote control and other technologies.


Mike believes, "The U.S. market is on the verge of technological evolution as automation advances. "At this point, it will be easier for companies with advanced technologies and who are actively looking for opportunities to expand overseas to penetrate into the market."


In recent years, Enotek Group takes " Innovating logistics technologies to power business growth" as the brand mission, and constantly explores the starting point of diversified development. In 2022, Enotek Group released the latest IP strategic plan, namely Integrator + standard Products, the development model of both effects, to break the bottleneck of industry development and deeply help industrial transformation. At present, Enotek Group has achieved AGV, RGV, stacker and other intelligent hardware equipment and WMS, AGV cluster scheduling system, digital twin and other digital intelligent brain system full link hardware and software self-production. So far, it has provided full-link industrial intelligent logistics solutions for chemical fiber, glass fiber, new energy, new materials, auto parts, paper making, electronic appliances, food and beverage and other 100+ industry customers.


In 2023, Enotek Group will also open a new chapter in the American market. This year, Enotek Group will create a research and development, marketing integrated company in the eastern region of the United States, in order to be closer to the market and better serve local customers.

Despite the constant trade frictions between China and the United States in recent years, the trade relationship between the two countries will never decouple. Considering various factors such as supply chain and production technology, it is still difficult to replace made in China. So the U.S. is still a very important market for exporters. Of course, it still takes a lot of time and investment to integrate into a changing market like the United States, and Enotek Group, with its years of experience and advantages in the United States, can help Chinese companies move into overseas markets.


-- Terry Huang