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Population aging, improved medical level in China, increased level of consumption and other factors greatly promote the development of China’s medical pharmaceutical industry. To meet people’s increasing demands for health, there is a pressing need for pharmaceutical industry to intelligently upgrade warehousing logistics links, aiming to achieve faster warehousing and distribution efficiency, higher order accuracy and more optimized operation process.

Industry trend

Ever-increasing quantity of retail order

Very seasonal medicines bring out picking pressure

Extremely high broken-case rate, even up to over 70%.

It’s required to manage the data of a large number of goods (generally, SKU up to over 10,000)

Order batch and validity needs to be traced and can be traced.

Good Supply Practice (GSP) must be abided by strictly

Enotek’s intelligent logistics solution for medicine circulation

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    Explore customer demand via in-depth investigation to provide project design matching client’s business characteristics.
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    Intelligent WMS/WCS system is provided to deal with complicated order management in the peak hours and seasonal sales period.
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    Automated high-bay warehouse with efficient and stable ASRS and AGV system for higher storage.

Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously maximizing commercial value