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Electrical & Electronic Industry


This enterprise is a large manufacturer for 3C product, the planning engineer of Enotek has planned and designed the whole production and packaging logistics process, including advanced automated logistics technologies such as intelligent warehouse for goods to people, robot picking, smart conveying and picking, PPS automated packaging line, etc. Among them, AGV plays a key role between automatic warehouse and production workshop, between stations and between sections of conveying lines.

Project Location


Launch Time


Type Of End User

Provide earphones for some well-known phone brand


Key Points Of Project

  • 01

    Customized goods, >2,000 SKUs

  • 02

    How to improve labor efficiency and reduce costs when a great number of labors are required for picking.

  • 03

    How to guarantee picking accuracy and improve the picking efficiency

  • 04

    How to realize traceability throughout the whole process

System Equipment

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    It includes advanced automated logistics technologies, such as GTP intelligent warehouse, robotic picking, intelligent transportation & sorting and PPS automated packing line.

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    Robot: 3 sets of 6-axis picking robots and 2 sets of 4-axis robot stackers.

  • 213-496.jpg

    AGV:16 sets of KAVA, 2 sets of forklift laser SLAM

  • 213-532.jpg

    PPS automated line: Made up of automatic sorting line, automatic labeling machine, automatic visual inspection mechanism, etc.

  • 213-837.jpg

    Software: One set of WMS and WCS system

Project Outcome

Labor cost is reduced by 80%.

Production line only needs a few workers, with the rest station realized automatic equipment operation.

Labor costs are reduced by about CNY 6 million per year.


Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously

maximizing commercial value