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E Craftsmen| Who is the "inventor" in the Mechanical Design department?

Jan 13,2023


What is the spirit of craftsmanship? Some people say it means dedication, leanness, focus, and innovation, while others say it means loving what you do and striving for perfection...

What is the spirit of craftsmanship?

Some people say it means dedication, leanness, focus, and innovation,

while others say it means loving what you do and striving for perfection...

In Enotek, there are such a group of people, including engineers, designers, sales, front-line workers, etc... They have been working quietly in their respective fields for many years, just to improve 99.98% to 99.99%, maybe they have never been shining under the spotlight, but every achievement of Enotek is inseparable from their persistence. The E-craftsman column will regularly share their ingenuity stories with you. I believe that after reading it, you will definitely have new perceptions about the spirit of craftsmen.

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After three years of employment, from a graduate to an independent mechanical design engineer, he is the protagonist of this E Craftsman - Tate Tang, the inventor of mechanical design Department.

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"Young people may be in a hurry, but when they get to work, they find that haste makes waste. Sometimes slow is fast."

————Tate Tang

"I am a homebody, so as soon as I graduated, I returned to my hometown Haiyan, hoping to find a long-term job." When asked why he chose to work at Enotek Group, Tate Tang was blunt. In February 2020, Tate Tang came back to his hometown after he just left school and started his internship. He chose to join Enotek Group because the company has a similar specialty in sea salt.


When he came here for the first time, he felt the dilemma that he hated little when he learned from books. "Mechanical things are complicated and many, so he can get started at first, but it is really not easy to learn." he said. Although the work content of the internship was only drawing simple drawings or assisting other colleagues to complete some basic parts design, he still felt a little pressure due to the complex mechanical principles and mechanical structures involved in all aspects. Fortunately, at this time, he met Zhang Gong, the leader of the Mechanical Design Department, who was praised by him as "the technical mentor in life". In order to promote Tate Tang's rapid progress and rapid growth, Zhang Gong specially let him sit in his adjacent booth, so that he could ask questions at any time.


As the projects accumulated, Tate Tang went from designing simple parts to independently taking charge of the projects. He said, "Young people may be in a hurry, but after working, it is often found that haste makes waste. Sometimes slow is fast."

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The size, specifications and shape of the goods or semi-finished products that need to be stored in manufacturing factories are often very different due to their different products, production processes and production processes. Therefore, there is a saying that "thousands of factories and thousands of faces". This feature often causes difficulties in the installation and adaptation of large equipment such as storer. In the first project he was independently responsible for, because the customer's goods were not the traditional square shape, but the irregular roll material weighing 5-6 tons and using V-shaped fork, the non-standard shape system put forward a new test for the stacker design, which not only needed to fit the shape of the customer's goods, but also took into account the overall structure, stability and durability, etc. If directly borrow the previous structure, then it will cause tilt, weak stability and a series of problems, in industrial production, if there is a safety hazard, the consequences will be unimaginable... To this end, Tate Tang reinforced the structure and added a guide wheel set and other structural components.


"Sometimes mechanical design is like a gizmo. You need to have an open mind, and if you try to think of a solution in a limited way, it can backfire. Imagination can be wild, but calculation and verification must be meticulous, "said Tate Tang.

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After three years' work, Tate Tang grew from a green hand to a solo engineer. In addition to protecting customers and the normal promotion of projects, with the deepening of the work, he also found a series of existing products that could be optimized. By virtue of his knowledge of mechanical principles and familiar with equipment, Play an open mind to find the optimization method, and put the idea into action, the stacker force point, structure, rectangular tube and other size data for precise calculation and analysis, in addition to the landing of dozens of projects large and small, more than 5 invention patents, for the company's stacker improvement iteration played an important role.


Tate Tang's growth history may not be "dramatic" with ups and downs, he was born in the 90s, has inspired young people in confusion with his own experience, that is, by continuing to cultivate deeply, every bit of accumulation will eventually converge into rivers and seas, without arrogance or impetuosity, all the time you want will bring you.