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Robotic Depalletizing And Palletizing System

Enotek provides you with depalletizing and palletizing solutions driven by robot and data, which can seamlessly pick shelf or whole case of goods from pallets of different size, and when it is equipped with mixed case pallet and roll cage, the quality and throughout as well as accuracy can be improved while the operating costs are reduced. 


  • Flexible And Efficient

    A variety of end fixtures, vacuum equipment and fork-type tool can be used to deal with precise and challenging packaging, reducing product damages. 

  • Accurate And Reliable

    Visual system is used to verify position and accurately identify every package, improving the picking quality and bringing order fulfillment error rate down. 

  • Lower Costs

    Lower down labor intensity of operators, reduce labor costs; optimize the number of cases loaded onto each pallet and increase the quantity of shipped products.

Application Scenes

  • Frame1.jpg

    Inbound depalletizing

  • 2.jpg

    Palletizing for shipping


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