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Digital Twin System

Enotek’s digital twin system is a 3D monitoring system that monitors the warehouse environment in a real time and reflects the real-time warehouse situation in a browser window, offering a more intuitive description. Its main functions include 3D display of real scene of high-bay warehouse, monitoring of real-time physical location, status data and fault, and remote camera monitoring. This system allows warehouse management personnel to get quick and intuitive understanding of equipment running tracks, fault, etc., which play a key role in helping managements to learn of problems in the first time. 



  • Visual

    Characterized by high degree of visualization, fine granularity and high degree of twinning, visual equipment status and locations information.
    Through access of multiple intelligent equipment and sensing devices, it can display more data like temperature and humidity.
    It can exchange data with WMS/WCS system and AGV scheduling system, enabling operator to check real-time running data of AGV equipment.

  • Convenient

    Diversified customized reports and configurable function modules enable rapid deployment.
    With duplex communication function, it can be connected to PLC equipment seamlessly.
    The display interface has been updated comprehensively, offering user-friendly operation interface.
    Displaying of multiple scenes and areas and smooth switch between multiple areas is realized.

  • Smart

    Perform big data analysis of inventory, inbound and outbound data, optimize the inventory storage structure and enhance the granularity of inventory management.
    Integrated with machine learning function, this system can analyze and predict equipment fault so that operator can maintain equipment in advance.

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