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Customized Development Of System

The actual demand of different enterprises for warehousing system varies considerably depending on the industry, intelligence and specific business. For such clients, Enotek provides customized development service of system. In line with client’s needs, we will execute customized development on the basis of the standard version so that we can provide perfect solution.


Customized Development Process

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    Demands analysis

    Get in-depth understanding and analysis of demands via investigation,and sort out functional demands.


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    Preliminary design

    Conduct preliminary design of software system, including the basic process, organizational structure, module division, functional allocation, interface design, operation design, data structure design and error handling design.


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    Detailed design

    Conduct detailed software system design on the basis of preliminary design; describe main algorithm, data structure, class hierarchy involved in specific modules.


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    Code development

    Write a program as per the detailed design to satisfy needs.


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    System test

    User shall test and confirm whether each function meets the requirements.


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    System delivery

    Submit the agreed system and all kinds of documents to user after system test is completed.


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    System go-live

    The system starts to run normally.


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    System maintenance

    Subsequent operation and maintenance services.



  • Excellent framework

    Flexible basic framework of system generates powerful extensibility.

  • On-demand and targeted service

    Customize reports, signage, AGV scheduling and strategies. Offer customization service actually as per enterprise demands, high in practicability.

  • Reasonable costs

    Delete unnecessary functions, formulate the functional modules required by enterprises in accordance with enterprise’s actual situation, so as to shorten the development cycle to the greatest extent, thus saving the development costs.

  • Courteous service

    Remote or on-site development service are for your choice, satisfying different requirements.

  • Easy to operate, improved working efficiency

    User-friendly interface, straightforward functional structure, convenient to operate.

Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously maximizing commercial value