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In the auto & mechanical manufacturing industry, technological process and scenes are complicated and there are numerous data, so it’s required to ensure that logistics system can seamlessly link the material supply, transfer, storage of various manufacturing links on site and report data like inventory, transportation amount and efficiency to production management system. It is the most critical part of the whole process.

Industry trend

Complicated technological processes and operating scenarios need to be connected so that we can deal with order demands in an accurate and timely manner.

The level of automation needs to be enhanced to deal with the increasing labour costs, reducing costs and improving the efficiency

Enotek’s intelligent logistics solution for auto & mechanical manufacturing industry

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    Customized solutions to automate and digitize the entire process from raw materials to delivery.
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    WMS/WCS system for order fulfillment and data prediction can be used to respond flexibly to order changes.
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    Automated high-bay warehouse with AGV and AS/RS improves automation & efficiency while reducing worker participation.

Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously maximizing commercial value