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AGV Scheduling System

ADS 1.1 scheduling system is a AGV scheduling system independently developed by Enotek, which supports multi-vehicle scheduling and tasks management for both cloud deployment and local deployment, and is capable of planning the path of large-scale robot clusters in a real time, assigning tasks, monitoring device status and performing cooperative scheduling of multi-vehicles.



  • Smart

    Control the range of motion of AGV based on the topological map of industrial site and real-time dynamic path planning will be implemented during running.
    In this system, multi-vehicles can be mixed, running on the map where there exists overlapping area among the movement spaces of each vehicle. And their respective ADS 1.1 scheduling system exchanges the status data of point position in a real time to realize joint traffic control.

  • Efficient

    On the basis of internal standard protocol, this system can dock with any third party systems that support standard protocol. This way not only guarantees real-time data exchange of tasks, but also realizes business linkage and joint control.
    Lean strategy integrated ADS 1.1 scheduling system +anthropomorphic intelligent vehicles realize extremely efficient cluster transportation operation.

  • Convenient

    Perfect simulation system enables to perform optimum efficiency validation, easy to deploy and upgrade.

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