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Every year, a great number of shopping festivals are not only a test against an enterprise's marketing capabilities, but also present significant challenges to the efficiency of its supply chains. The surge of orders in a short period has brought unlimited opportunities as well as tremendous pressure on enterprises. Enterprises in the e-commerce and retail industry are faced with many issues, such as increased demands for storage, lower turnover flexibility, complicated product specification, large outbound flow in peak hours, higher requirements on turnover flexibility and order fulfillment timeliness, large reverse logistics pressure, so that improving warehousing logistics system, sorting and picking, system efficiency and flexibility is an urgent need for enterprises. 

Industry trend

Omni-channel order fulfillment is complex and changes frequently

It’s required to make response to promotion and seasonal sales changes and accurately make forecasts about future inventory

It’s required to deal with the ever-increasing pressure on efficient handling of the returns.

Enotek’s intelligent logistics solution for e-commerce & retail industry

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    WMS/WCS system for order fulfillment and data prediction
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    It can adapt to the flexibility of seasonal and promotion peak and changing orders
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    Efficient returns handling capability and capability to handle small and complex orders
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    By establishing automated high-bay warehouse, and applying intelligent AGV and ASRS system, warehouse automation has been enhanced greatly, reducing worker participation and improving the work efficiency.

Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously maximizing commercial value