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Intelligent Storage System

Enotek provides you with customized intelligent storage solutions. This system is capable of processing pallets, support plates, coil stocks, bins, cartons, etc. and can run at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen environment. So our system is an ideal choice in the manufacturing or distribution field. It allows you to enhance the productivity, space utilization, inventory control and real-time tracking of goods. High-density storage configuration provides small occupied area and control over inventory access.


  • Customized Solution

    Enotek ASRS (linked to the inside page of ASRS system)can customize and design automated high-bay warehouse as per your business requirements.

  • Efficient &Flexible

    Flexible and energy-saving pallet storage and retrieval solution saves space and costs.

    The height of storage shelf can be up to 40m.

    It is suitable for high-temperature, cold storage, explosion-proof working environment, including cold storage warehouse at the temperature as low as -30℃. 

  • Intelligent Software Integration

    It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing logistics process.

    Utilize operational data for continuous improvement.

Help clients create ultimately efficient supply chain system with intelligent product,systematic solution, continuously

maximizing commercial value