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Enotek Group has been selected into the list of Zhejiang Provincial SRDI SMEs in 2022!

Feb 03,2023


Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Economy and Information Technology Department officially announced the 2022 SRDI SMEs list in Zhejiang Province, Enotek Group has been successfully selected, valid for three years.

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Economy and Information Technology Department officially announced the 2022 SRDI SMEs list in Zhejiang Province, Enotek Group has been successfully selected, valid for three years.

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" SRDI " refers to the development characteristics of enterprises with specialized, refinement, differential and innovation. In addition, the selection of the list of SRDI SMEs in Zhejiang Province also requires the selected enterprises to have the advantages of focusing on market segments, mastering key core technologies, strong innovation ability, high market share, advanced and demonstrative in industry segments. After the application of the enterprise, the preliminary examination of the city, the review of the provincial Department of economy and information technology and other procedures, and then after the public announcement.

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The evaluation aims to further stimulate the vitality and development power of SMEs. It is an important link for the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and the enhancement of industrial and economic resilience. It is also another important honor for Enotek Group after it was awarded the national HNTE, the provincial pilot demonstration enterprise of integrated development of manufacturing industry and the Internet, and the provincial industrial Internet platform.

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Enotek Group has been focusing on the field of logistics equipment since 2008, and has been engaged in specific market segments for 14 years. In more than 10 years of deep cultivation, Enotek Group has been constantly practicing the brand principles of Continuously evolving, Dedicated to expertise, Agile & efficient, Open & collaborative committed to Innovating logistics technologies to power business growth. The enterprise has passed IS09001, IS014001, IS045001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and other management system certification, has its own brand and registered 110 trademarks.

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Enotek has production bases in Jiaxing and Lu 'an, research and development center in Hefei, and overseas subsidiaries in the United States. Enotek has business in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. In 2021, Enotek occupies 6.5% of the domestic market, ranking the third in China and the second in Zhejiang Province. It is also the drafting unit of T/ZACA 046-2022 laser navigation stacking automatic guide vehicle industry standard.

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Up to now, Enotek Group has provided services for Tongkun, China Jushi, Sinotruk, Guoxuan High-tech, BYD and other global enterprises, helping customers to land more than 100 smart logistics projects, covering chemical fiber, new energy, new materials, auto parts, paper, electronic appliances, food and beverage and many other industries. Enotek Group has gained recognition and trust from many leading enterprises in the industry.

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Enotek Group will be " Innovation-driven provider of full chain industrial intelligent logistics solutions" as the enterprise positioning, with self-developed and self-produced intelligent storage system, intelligent sorting system, intelligent handling system and intelligent sorting system four core systems. It is committed to creating the ultimate intelligent logistics system that integrates reliability, efficiency and stability for customers through the full link solution of core equipment + system + software + platform service.

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At the same time, Enotek Group improves the construction of technological innovation system and incentive system, formulates 10 innovation incentive mechanisms, strengthens talent training and reserve, creates a good environment for innovation, trains a number of high-quality talents, and forms a high-level R&D team. R&D personnel account for 27.18% of the total number of employees, and has obtained 135 patents so far. Among them, there are 28 invention patents.

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In addition, Enotek Group also set up a provincial high-tech research and development center. In the past three years, a total of 16.629 million yuan has been invested in the research and development fund. In the past three years, 100% achievements have been transformed, and the industrialization income has reached 383 million yuan.


Brave Li tide dare to first, vigorous sail a new chapter. Enotek Group will take the opportunity of being selected in the list of SRDI SMEs of Zhejiang Province in 2022 as an opportunity to further build on the momentum, forge ahead, constantly innovate logistics technology, help customers to create an extremely efficient supply chain system, and continue to maximize business value.