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E Craftsmen| Who is the core R&D personnel of Enotek stackers?

Feb 20,2023


What is the spirit of craftsmanship? Some people say it means dedication, leanness, focus, and innovation, while others say it means loving what you do and striving for perfection...

What is the spirit of craftsmanship?

Some people say it means dedication, leanness, focus, and innovation,

while others say it means loving what you do and striving for perfection...

In Enotek, there are such a group of people, including engineers, designers, sales, front-line workers, etc... They have been working quietly in their respective fields for many years, just to improve 99.98% to 99.99%, maybe they have never been shining under the spotlight, but every achievement of Enotek is inseparable from their persistence. The E-craftsman column will regularly share their ingenuity stories with you. I believe that after reading it, you will definitely have new perceptions about the spirit of craftsmen.

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In 2022, the pallet stacker ES-P10 and the bin stacker ES-C05, developed and produced by Enotek Group, were officially released. Due to their characteristics of high precision, fast speed, strong stability and wide application scenarios, they attracted wide attention once they were launched.


Do you know the development behind the stacker?


In this edition of E Craftsman, we invited Jayson Wu, Enotek Group mechanical design engineer and standard stacker developer from Enotek Group, to tell us the story behind the stacker.


"I feel the prospect of logistics industry is still relatively good, because China's logistics equipment volume is still relatively large, although it is later than foreign countries, but the degree of domestic attention is still higher than foreign countries."


Jayson.Wu, who majored in vehicle engineering, has been engaged in intelligent logistics industry since his graduation in 2017. He joined Enotek Group in 2021, responsible for project problem handling, design review, product development, design docking and other aspects of work, and is also one of the standard product R&D personnel of Enotek Stacker.

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In recent years, with the trade friction caused by the West's " Neck jam " to China's high-end manufacturing industry, although the scale of China's logistics industry is expanding day by day, but for example, the stacker machine used in high-end rangefinder, communication equipment, servo motor is still more dependent on foreign countries, especially during the epidemic period, cross-border logistics is blocked, some key parts can not be transported, resulting in many manufacturers of equipment maintenance difficulties. The development of China's own, world-class logistics equipment has become his heart's dream and the goal for the struggle.


Fortunately, a number of domestic manufacturers, including Enotek Group, have made great progress in the independent research and development of innovative logistics technology in recent years, and have developed a batch of equipment that can reach the world-class level. In addition to the macro layout at the national level, the long-term vision of entrepreneurs is inseparable from the efforts of every engineer such as Jayson.Wu day and night.


Standardization is a necessary condition for products to maintain high stability and form a long life cycle. At the same time, standard products also have the advantages of reducing product prices and facilitating the matching of spare parts. However, manufacturing factories often have the characteristics of "thousands of factories and thousands of faces". Achieving rapid deployment is a proposition that enterprises need to focus on.

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Jayson.Wu says: Differences and contradictions between standard products and fixed products not only occur in the logistics industry, but in fact all walks of life will have such problems. Then, as R & D personnel, what we need to do is to "gather and assimilate differences" to find common ground in different needs. The first is to calculate the height and speed involved in previous cases by means of big data. After probability statistics, we can judge the specifications that should be formulated for the standard products. After establishing the standards, we can cover the products to a larger scope, and provide customized services in speed, safety, height and other aspects according to the actual needs of customers on the basis of the standard products, so as to meet the differentiated needs of customers at the least cost. "If one product doesn't work, then split into two products. So now we have two more standard models, a lighter, lower model and a taller, heavier model. Currently, two standard products basically cover 80 percent of the project needs." he said.

When it comes to the future development of the industry, Jayson.Wu believes that the development trend of the logistics industry is "specialization" and "integration", or focus on a certain industry and a certain link, improve the understanding and cognition of the customer industry, accumulate experience to achieve people have their own talents; Or expand the volume and become the head enterprise of the comprehensive industry.