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Chemical Fiber Industry

Chemical Fiber

In this project, Enotek used 18 crane stackers, established 20,000+storage bin for this enterprise, replaced the previous flat storage and manual handling methods with an three-dimensional automatic warehouse, which greatly increased the storage capacity; Through the WMS and WCS system self-developed by Enotek, fully automatized stock-in and stock out, stocktaking got realized, the warehouse has achieved unmanned.

Project Location

Zhejiang Province

Launch Time


Annual Production

600,000 tons

Type Of End User

Leading enterprise in chemical fiber industry


Key Points Of Project

  • 01

    Large product size (1200*1200*1800mm) and large unit load (nearly a ton)

  • 02

    Higher requirements on the effectiveness and efficiency of timely supplement of raw materials to the production line, timely storage of unloaded chemical fiber products and order fulfillment

  • 03

    Customer requires to achieve the traceability of warehoused chemical fiber products and orders throughout the whole process

System Equipment

  • huaxian1.jpg

    18 sets of heavy-load stackers;

  • huaxian2.jpg

    One set of conveyor system;

  • huaxian3.jpg

    One set of WMS and WCS system

Project Outcome

The total shelf height is up to 24m, solving storage challenges. There are 44,609 locations.

On the first floor, 12 outbound stations and 18 aisles are for automatic shipment to any outbound port, waiting for being loaded onto the high-bay warehouse to directly dock with production packaging, realizing automatic inbound storage on the second floor.


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