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Pharmaceutical Industry


This enterprise mainly has several major business segments: biological food, Chinese herbal decoction pieces and pharmaceutical logistics, which are distributed to major hospitals, clinics and pharmacies within province. In order to cope with the future business development, the enterprise decided to build a brand-new warehouse with an area of 2,975 square meters to cope with the expected order processing volume of 14,000 PO lines/day.

Project Location

Jiangxi Province

Launch Time


Warehouse Occupation


Type Of End User

Pharmaceutical Distribution Center, which distributes goods to various major hospitals, clinics and drugstores in Jiangxi Province.


Key Points Of Project

  • 01

    Realize geometrically multiple space utilization rate within the limited space.

  • 02

    The storage/packaging/circulation/distribution of drugs is informationized, with the BCR code reading accuracy up to over 99.7%.

  • 03

    Outbound sorting efficiency ≥2,500 cases per hour, improving order processing capacity/reducing error rate and lowering down the circulation costs.

System Equipment

  • 0-514.jpg

    ASRS storage system contains 5 sets of stackers with height of 22m and 10,080 pallet locations.

  • 0-32.jpg

    Picking system includes 30 sets of AGV and offers 21,120 SKUs.

  • 0-913.jpg

    Put-to-Wall system containing 198 e-tags; one set of WMS and one set of WCS.

Project Outcome

The highly intelligent operation from receipt to order delivery is realized, which greatly reduces the pressure of manual operation. Compared with the traditional warehouse, the highly automated warehouse greatly saves the staffing by reducing 20 operators and improves the warehousing efficiency by 2 to 3 times.

It realizes the high-density storage of goods, ensures the maximum utilization of warehouse space, increasing the storage capacity of the warehouse by 4 to 5 times.


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