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2023 PROMAT is coming soon, it’s the first overseas show of Enotek this year, inviting you to share the feast of smart logistics with us.

Mar 17,2023


Enotek Group's wholly owned North American subsidiary will represent the Group at PROMAT 2023, which will be held on March 20-23 at McCormick Place,Chicago, IL,USA, at booth No. N7116.

Enotek Group's wholly owned North American subsidiary will represent the Group at PROMAT 2023, which will be held on March 20-23 at McCormick Place,Chicago, IL,USA, at booth No. N7116.

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PROMAT is an international logistics and supply chain exhibition held by the Logistics and Supply Chain Association of the United States. It brings together logistics enterprises, system integrators, equipment manufacturers and logistics service providers from all over the world. Promat is an important place for global logistics industry leaders and experts to share experience and discuss cutting-edge technologies and solutions. It is one of the world's largest and most influential logistics industry exhibitions.

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At this exhibition, Enotek Group will focus on displaying the company's technologies and products in intelligent warehousing and industrial logistics solutions, including smart hardware such as stacker cranes, AGV, and RGV, digital brain software such as WMS/WCS, and AGV dispatching systems, as well as rich practical cases covering many industries such as chemical fiber, glass fiber, new energy, new materials, auto parts, paper making, electronic appliances, etc.

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Enotek Group Booth N7116


In addition, we will discuss the future development trend of intelligent logistics with participants from all over the world, share our ideas and experience, and discuss how to promote the development and application of intelligent logistics technology, so as to provide better service and support for customers.

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Enotek Group North America subsidiary

Enotek Group's wholly owned US subsidiary was established in 2012, which is located in California, USA. After more than ten years of in-depth research, Enotek Group has established a good reputation in the North American market. Through in-depth understanding of local policies and market needs. Enotek Group has rich experience in overseas smart logistics projects, involved in logistics, manufacturing, retail and other industries, and has established close cooperation with local integrators, robotics companies, etc., to provide customers with a full range of intelligent logistics solutions and technical support.

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At the same time, as a member of Chinese enterprises going overseas, Enotek Group has the advantage of bi-lingual and bi-cultural and core competitiveness, and can provide strong support for Chinese enterprises going overseas from software, hardware and related authorization to one-stop turnkey services.

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Enotek Group global business development plan

In addition to its business in the North American market, Enotek Group also actively develops markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets, focuses on establishing in-depth cooperation with local enterprises and institutions, constantly explores the needs and characteristics of the local market, and strives to provide customers with more diversified and personalized solutions and services, so as to help Chinese overseas enterprises lay a solid foundation.

March 20-23 McCormick Place,Chicago, IL,USA,Enotek Group, We are looking forward to your arrival.